Real Estate Posting Policies

Please familiarize yourself with NMP's Guidelines & Policies prior to entering a property on this site. All listings are subject to Listing Policies. Instructions for adding a property:

Instructions for adding a property:

1) NMP will provide one account per designated economic development organization or responsible entity.
2) This log in information cannot be shared with anyone outside your organization.
3) Each designated economic development organization is responsible for entering the properties in their region. No other entity may add listings to this data base.

4) To add properties:
a) Double check and confirm the property is not already in the data base.
b) Please obtain approval from the owner and listing broker to add this property to our public website, which is open to the public.
c) You have to upload at least one image per property entered.
d) You remain solely responsible for updating the information on each property you add and what properties are added. NMP does not have any responsibility of what is added.
e) You CANNOT add properties outside your territory.
f) Submit as much information as possible when adding a property

5) NMP reserves the right but not obligation to remove any property and revoke any login information for improper or inadequate information.
6) The account owners acknowledges that NMP cannot police or control all the content posted on the website.

Proposal Submission:

1) All information shared on each project is confidential and CANNOT be shared with anyone outside your organization.
2) Whenever possible, NM Partnership staff promotes inclusive consideration of project geography within the state. We encourage communities to submit for projects for which they meet the requirements outlined in the PRO. Based on the guidance provided by the company/consultant, NMP staff may determine whether or not to forward extraneous information to the client request. If in doubt about the requirements, contact the listed Project Manager for clarification.

NMP reserves the right to terminate or suspend an account upon violation of this agreement.
If you have any questions please contact NMP at